Health is a delicate balance

What is unique about Health Insight?

The services offered by Health Insight are quite different from that offered by most healthcare professionals, due to the unique background and approach of Prof Nola Dippenaar. Her post-graduate qualifications in physiology, biochemistry and chemical pathology were strengthened with years of teaching medical students at universities and in keeping abreast with the latest scientific research.
This unique scientific insight is combined with the interpretation of a patient’s medical history, results of blood and other tests, lifestyle factors and health manifestations to determine the true nature of the patient’s health problems. She is then able to explain in layman’s terms to the patient the nature of the medical condition, leading to insight and understanding.
Understanding leads to motivation to take control of one’s health, and she then guides patients on the way to the improvement of their health. Historically each and every patient that followed her guidelines had experienced vast improvements in their health.
The study of how various organs and systems function in the body.
Every organ is made up of 1000’s of individual cells. Biochemistry is the study of individual cell function; and how they acquire energy to survive, function and replicate.
Chemical Pathology
Is the study of blood, urine and stool parameters. Which is a reflection of what is happening inside the body at a given moment in time. Chemical Pathology sheds light on both the physiology and biochemistry of the cells, organs and systems of the human body. It provides an instant photograph that depicts the complexity of internal homeostasis (the balance of the internal environment).
Genetic Screening
Besides annual blood tests, a once off genetic DNA screening gives an indication whether any genetic mutations (DNA spelling errors) could possibly contribute to abnormal blood parameters as measured in the blood tests.

This unique approach has over time developed in a comprehensive and integrative model of all the factors that play a role in one’s health, aptly named “The Circle of Health.”

What services do Health Insight offer?

Individual consultations

At Health Insight we firmly believe in the saying “Your health is your wealth” and we have over time developed the tools to enable individuals to take responsibility for the state of their health, their most precious possession.


Health Presentations

A wide range of presentations on health-related matters have been developed over time and presented to local and international audiences.


Corporate Interventions

Four different health interventions are available separately or as a comprehensive health improvement intervention, with benefits to both the employer and employees.


Personal Health – Circle of Health

An intriguing exploration of all the factors that affect one’s health. This unique approach has culminated in a unique model that integrates all of these factors.


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