Walking along isle upon isle of supplements in large pharmacies and health shops, how do you decide which ones are appropriate for you? A friend’s recommendation? An advertisement you saw? An article in a magazine – with an advertisement for a wonder cure supplement for this condition on the same or the next page? Or do you take the shotgun approach with a multivitamin, thinking that your body needs at least some of them?

Before deciding on taking any supplements, a word of caution – too much of certain vitamins are as harmful as a deficiency.  And a word of advice – before taking any supplements, it is best to have the proper blood- and other tests done to determine what, if any, your body really requires.

Nutrient deficiencies result from your body not getting sufficient amounts of the necessary nutrients from your diet, which can alter bodily functions and processes at the most basic cellular level.

Treatment for nutrient deficiencies depends on the severity (level) and type of deficiency. Minor deficiencies may be treated with a change in diet as recommended by your doctor, while more severe deficiencies may require assistance from a dietitian.  In some cases you may need to take supplements or medication, as recommended by your doctor.

MARCH 2017

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