Corporate Interventions

Ultimately knowledge is the tool with which to control your lifestyle, which in many ways affect the business.  The Health Insight aim is to impart this knowledge to employees so that they can control their health in a sustained manner.  Diets are like fads – they come and go; however, a balanced lifestyle is the only permanent tool to personal and business success.  This choice varies from person to person, from situation to situation, but requires a conscious, informed decision to suit each circumstance.

Four different health interventions are available to corporate clients. These interventions are available separately or as a comprehensive health improvement intervention, with benefits to both the employer and employees.

Information sharing sessions covering applicable health-related topics

Individual consultations with employees who have serious health concerns

The facilitation and interpretation of blood tests and/or genetic (DNA) screening for individuals

Introducing and implementing the Health Insight Intensive Lifestyle Change Programme

Health Insight’s Intensive Lifestyle Change Program

This comprehensive programme educates employees about the main components of a healthy lifestyle, which in a nutshell are “eat well, stress less, move more, love more”. Employees are assisted to set their individual goals for health improvement through lifestyle changes and progress is monitored.


Lifestyle change,
as far as one’s health is concerned, usually involves a healthier diet
and includes an exercise routine.

Intensive lifestyle change
takes it a step, or rather two steps, further by adding the
management of stress levels, and social support systems.

An intensive lifestyle change program
is structured to first educate, and then assist individuals and groups
with the implementation of comprehensive lifestyle changes, all in
aid of improved health.


A wealth of experience obtained during health improvement consultations with individuals and groups of people over the years, has led to the development of the Health Insight intensive lifestyle change program, called The Circle of Life. This program is specifically aimed at interventions to assist corporate clients to embark on a health improvement drive for employees, all in aid of a healthier workforce, with measurable benefits to productivity and absenteeism due to ill health.


(Eat Well)

Chemistry taking place in the body
The role of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT, also known as the GUT)
Fuel for the body – the role of carbohydrates, fat, and protein.
A healthy, balanced diet.


(Love More)

Chemistry taking place in the body
Value of meaningful relationships.
How to improve or establish meaningful relationships.

Intensive Lifestyle Change Intervention

 A morning seminar (4 hours) presenting The Circle of Life, followed by an afternoon session (2 hours) to deal with the following:

Individuals completing a simple questionnaire to determine their current diet patterns, levels of fitness, stress levels, and the extent of meaningful relationships in their lives

Guiding individuals to compile their own personal initial intensive lifestyle change action plan, then implement it for a trail period of 10 days, before finalizing their long-term personal action plan.

Support and feedback mechanisms

Employer’s measurement of improvement.

Physical Activity

(Move More)

Chemistry taking place in the body
Benefits of exercise.
Finding the appropriate physical activity regime. (Aerobic exercise, strength training, high intensity interval training.)

Stress Management

(Stress Less)

Chemistry taking place in the body
Health implications.
Dealing with stress.

What services do Health Insight offer?

Individual consultations

At Health Insight we firmly believe in the saying “Your health is your wealth” and we have over time developed the tools to enable individuals to take responsibility for the state of their health, their most precious possession.


Health Presentations

A wide range of presentations on health-related matters have been developed over time and presented to local and international audiences.


Corporate Interventions

Four different health interventions are available separately or as a comprehensive health improvement intervention, with benefits to both the employer and employees.


Personal Health – Circle of Health

An intriguing exploration of all the factors that affect one’s health. This unique approach has culminated in a unique model that integrates all of these factors.


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