Sugar and refined carbohydrates feed the bacteria in your mouth that are responsible for tooth decay.  So too fast foods and processed foods cause an imbalance in your gut between the healthy, beneficial bacteria and the unwanted, pathological microbes.  This imbalance, known as dysbiosis,  increases the permeability of the gut wall, (often referred to as “leaky gut”), and contributes to widespread inflammation in the body. 

Research has shown that even your appetite control centre in the hypothalamus of the brain, becomes inflamed and damaged in obese persons, contributing to the change in metabolism seen in obesity.  This shift in metabolism to meet the demands of systemic inflammation, results in an overproduction of insulin, increased fat storage and diminished signals that normally control ones appetite.  This all leads to more obesity.

The best way to rectify this situation is to reverse the inflammation and restore healthy metabolism by eliminating excess sugar and processed food  from ones diet, and by ensuring healthy beneficial bacteria in your gut wall through the regular intake of a correct probiotic.  As one loses weight, the level of systemic inflammation also decreases dramatically.

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