Touch, Love And Caring


Grief is the painful experience of the loss of a loved one. The resulting period of all-permeating grief not only has a devastating effect on your emotional health, it also has a huge impact on your physical health.  By understanding how seriously your health can be...

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What makes a happy life?

Have you ever wondered which factors contribute to a good life? Why do some people live happy lives? And others not? A study tracking the lives of 724 men over the past 78 years has come up with some very interesting findings. This Harvard Study of Adult Development...

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The chemistry of intimacy

A bumper sticker from the hippy era in the Sixties read: “Candy is dandy, but sex don’t rot your teeth!”   Apart from the “feel good” emotional benefits, are there are any other physiological benefits for your body? Hugging: Hugging increases levels of oxytocin, the...

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